7 Days to Start Sketchnoting

Hands on Activities to Learn Sketchnoting Even if You Can't Draw

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Have you ever seen a sketchnote and thought "I can't do that!" maybe it was the beautiful little icons, the stylish text or the clear organisation of the whole thing that both impressed you and put you off.

I know how overwhelming it can be too look at the complex yet complete note that feels like it really is a work of art. If you're like me, and you stopped taking art back in the early part of high school, then you probably thought it was for those other people. The creative geniuses who we mere mortal can only watch from afar.

That's how I felt for a very long time until a curious series of events happened that broken that spell for me.

I discovered that sketchnotes were not so impossible and that I could make one myself. That even though I hadn't take an art class in year, had scrappy handwriting and couldn't layout my desk let along a live infographic, I could sketchnote.

And you know what. It wasn't perfect but I got (and continue to get) better over time.

So I want to help you overcome any barrier that is holding you back with this free crash course in sketchnoting.

This seven day course will show you that you can sketchnote and it will also put some foundations in place that you can continue to explore in the future.

So sign up today, get started with 7 days of exercises and let someone else aspire to do what you can.

Your Instructor

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson

I am a former English as a foreign language teacher and ongoing Sketchnoter. I care deeply about using sketchnotes for both myself and to help students learn more effectively.

"These brief lessons are informative on the how and why of sketchnoting. How to use simple drawings to build up your skills and why sketchnotes are a usueful tool and practice. Chris delivers great info in short and easy to understand language."

- Chad Moore, Cofounder of Rigging Dojo, Agile coach, Improviser, Visual communicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I only have 7 days to complete the course?
No, you can access them forever. While the activities are designed and set out as daily challenges, you don't have to stick to that. You could do them all in one day or spend months going through them. It's up to you. The 7 day format helps to break the bigger goal into smaller pieces and helps avoid starting but not finishing.

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