You don't have to tell many sketchnoters that drawing is a great way to remember. But this video is a good summary of the growing evidence of that power.

Drawing helps remember more

The fact that drawing helps remember information so much more effectively is one of the key reasons why sketchnoting matters in education. Of course, there are times where drawing perhaps isn't the best choice for certain information in your notes, and that's where the text element of sketchnotes come into play.

Other sketchnoting benefits

And don't forget the other benefits of sketchnoting too. It can help create more engaging lessons for the students who usually switch off and add some creativity into the mix to.

Not just sketchnotes

Of course, sketchnoting isn't the only way to use drawing in education, but it is a way that makes sense in many situations and is easy to understand for parents.

Whatever way you find to add drawing to lessons, it is a useful tool, even for those of us who can't draw.

Start using Sketchnotes in your classroom

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