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We help people bring sketchnoting into their lives

We know the power of sketchnoteing to help people visualize their ideas more clearly and remember more effectively. That’s why we create resources to help you bring sketchnotes into your lives and classrooms. 

What you can expect

Sketchnote classroom contains

  • Insights into the theory behind sketchnoting
  • Advice on how to sketchnote more effectively
  • Practical sketchnote activities to use in the classroom
  • Sketchnotes about education principles
  • And reviews of tools to use in sketchnoting and visual notetaking

The History of Sketchnote Classroom

Sketchnote Classroom was founded to help teachers introduce sketchnotes into their classrooms in the summer of 2017 by me, Chris Wilson. 

I’m English as a foreign language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I started investigating using sketchnotes in my classroom after discovering Sketchnotes a couple of years before. After signing up to present a conference talk on Sketchnoting in the classroom, I decided to create a website to offer greater follow-up and provide this information for people who couldn’t attend the conference.

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