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Day 0: Before we start 5-10 mins

A few quick notes before we start the course. 

Welcome and Congratulations

First of all thank you for joining the alpha version of this course. The aim is to get you sketchnoting start from working on simple elements, then layouts of sketchnotes and finally some challenges. The rest of this “lesson” is about what you should do to maximize what you can get out of the course, and some other house keeping

How things will work

  • Each day you will get an email with a short summary of the challenge and a link to page with a more detailed description and some advice. 
  • Each challenge should take about 20 minutes but I suggest planning 30 minutes. I suggest you plan a regular time and place when you will do your practice.
    • For example, first thing after I wake up I will go to my desk, read the email and make my sketchnote. Or during my lunch break at my desk so I have time to read and think about the challenge.
    • Make sure you have all your tools ready! 
  • When you finish an activity, press the button at the bottom of the page. This will change to “complete” and can be used to track your progress.
  • If you really want, you can do multiple activities in one day. However, I believe the single activity a day is the best way to complete the course. 
  • When you are ready to start and want the first lesson to be emailed, fill in the form below. This will deliver a welcome email with some suggested resources and the first lesson tomorrow morning. 

Planned improvements

I want to add video instructions to each lesson explaining the challenge. 

I want to add more example pictures of the sketchnotes and sketchnote elements (However, this can make people feel like they have to copy. If you have a suggestion on where these should be present, I’d appreciate that).


Alpha Warning and Feedback request

This is an alpha version. The technology may not be set up correctly. There may be buttons which don’t lead where they should or typos in places. You may find some activity descriptions to be too vague or question their point (as they weren’t explained properly). You may want more examples to understand the idea properly. All feedback like this (and anything else you think is wrong or could be better) is very welcome. You are welcome to say what you like, but I really want what would improve it and make it better. 

Emailing me ( the best way to provide this feedback.

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