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30 Days of Sketchnotes 15 hours

A 30-day introductory course on sketchnoting. Each day there is a new task, starting with the basic elements of sketchnoting before challenges to use those elements in your own sketchnotes.

Day 0 : Before we start

Some useful information and the form to start getting daily emails with the lessons. 

5 -10 mins

Day 1 : Basic Shapes

Today we’re practicing basic shapes. Nothing fancy but they provide an important foundation for the next days.


Day 2 : Basic Icons

Building on from yesterday’s basic shapes, today we’re using those shapes to make icons, a very useful element in sketchnotes.


Day 3 : Abstract Icons

After our basic icons, we’re now moving to abstract icons. These aren’t based on real objects which makes them more difficult.


Day 4 : Fonts

Sketchnotes aren’t just about drawing. Written text is useful too and fonts can help add personality and style.


Day 5 : Stick Figures

Stick figures are simple but useful representations of people. Let’s look at why and some different options.


Day 6 : Faces

Faces show emotions, today we’re looking at using faces and getting emotional with our sketchnotes


Day 7 : Separators and dividers

It’s important to group information together in Sketchnotes. Separators and dividers are one way to do this.


Day 8 : Containers

Continuing from yesterday. Containers are another method of grouping information in Sketchnotes.


Day 9 : Speech bubbles

In a way, speech bubbles are just one type of container, at the same time they have extra significance and importance.

1hr. 35min.

Day 10 : Color

Black and white is okay but adding some color really helps. But what colors should you use in your sketchnotes?

1hr. 35min.

Day 11 : Arrows

Arrows help show direction and flow in your sketchnotes. Let’s practice


Day 12 : MindMap Layout

We’re moving on to layouts in sketchnotes now, starting with a classic, MindMaps.


Day 13 : Modular Grid Layout

The second layout we’re looking at is the Modular Grid, which can be adapted a lot.


Day 14 : Column Sketchnotes

Columns are our third layout and there are certain situations where you may really want to use it.


Day 15 : Timelines

Timelines can be an element in a sketchnote or the main part of a sketchnote. Let’s experiment.


Day 16 : Daily Plan Bar

The Daily Plan bar is a productivity method that can be great if you bullet journal or for keeping track of your time.


Day 17 : Sketchnote a Quote

Now we’re getting into the pure sketchnoting challenges. Starting small with quotes.


Day 18 : Sketchnote a meal

Today’s challenge is to sketchnote a meal you’ve eaten. It’s a great way to go beyond just images.


Day 19 : Sketchnote a recipe

Another challenge which is similar to the last, but different.


Day 20 : Sketchnote Selfie

Do you take selfies with your phone? Well, how about a sketchnote selfie.


Day 21 : Sketchnote a Biography

Last time you made a sketchnote about yourself, this time it’s for someone else.


Day 22 : Sketchnote a Dream Journey

It’s time to get creative and now you need to sketchnote a dream journey.


Day 23 : Sketchnote a Book

Do you like reading? It’s time to sketchnote a review of a book. Great for studying.


Day 24 : Sketchnote a Podcast

We’re moving to audio focused sketchnoting now and what better way than with Podcasts.


Day 25 : Sketchnote a Song

Songs are a more creative audio form of sketchnoting so feel free to experiment.


Day 26 : Sketchnote a TV program or Film

TV programmes and films are great examples of storylines you can follow and sketch.


Day 27 : Sketchnote a decision tree

Decision trees can help you work out what to do or a process.


Day 28 : Sketchnote a lesson you've learned

It’s important to keep learning and it’s a good idea to record what we’ve learned. Sketchnotes are great for that.


Day 29 : Sketchnote a TED talk

Ted talks are a great example of what many people want to do with sketchnotes, sketchnote a live talk.


Day 30 : Sketchnote a Bucket List

This is the last challenge so it’s time to get ready for after this course.


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