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Sketchnote Classroom helps you intergrate sketchnotes into your classroom.

Aid Learning, Avoid Distractions, and Boost creativity

Ideas to use in the classroom

How to sketchnote better

Tools to sketchnote with

Sketchnote throughout the learning process

When I first came across sketchnoting, I knew it made sense fo education and teaching. The idea of “better notes” that helped students retain information better seemed like a no-brainer. However, sketchnoting was born from conferences and most modern teaching...

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Sketchnote Weekly Food Plan

Every weekend my wife and I sit down and plan the food for the upcoming week. It’s an important but also fun little ritual that is more beneficial than just working out what we need to buy, it’s also about making sure we know what we both have going on during the...

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30 Sketchnote ideas you in 2018

This year I've set myself a challenge to try and sketchnote at least one thing each day. This is a great way to develop a skill (in this case sketchnoting) as practicing leads to improving (yes, this is an over simplification but if you want to get better at...

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